Chrome Extension

Capture Candidate Details in Seconds

Add and refresh candidate information in your ATS/CRM from any web page with Recruiterbolt’s advanced Chrome extension.

Place more candidates

With accurate, reliable resumes in your ATS/CRM, you can spend more time building better relationships with candidates and hiring managers.

Save time

Manual data entry is a time drain. Recruiterbolt can reduce time spent prospecting by 80%

Clean up
your data

Every time you add candidate information, Recruiterbolt checks your ATS/CRM to see if they already exist. You can choose to update or overwrite the record.

The #1 Browser Integration For Your ATS

1. Find candidates online via job boards or any website.

2. Click the Chrome extension to capture all the relevant details on the page. Recruiterbolt will check the details against existing records in your ATS/CRM and flag duplicates.

3. Click to add or update a record and add custom fields as needed.

Create new records from any website

Recruiterbolt uses advanced technology to capture candidate details from any web page, professional profile, or job board.

Add notes, tasks and activities to ATS records

Recruiterbolt helps streamline workflows by making it easy to input and organize actions.

“We're continually striving to optimize our workflows and improve data quality. Recruiterbolt has been instrumental in this effort, allowing us to quickly add new candidates to Seven20 within seconds, dramatically decreasing our daily manual data entry.”

Sharon Everall, Group IT Manager, Proco Group

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