Resumé/CV Capture & Parsing

Upload and Automatically Review Candidate Profiles and Resumes

Capture and review resumés via the Recruiterbolt Sidebar from any file or web page.

Save time

Reduce time spent manually inputting resume details by 80%.

Clean up your
ATS data

Recruiterbolt automatically syncs all information from the resume to your ATS/CRM, eliminating data entry errors.

Place more candidates

With accurate, reliable resumes in your ATS/CRM, you can spend more time building better relationships with candidates and hiring managers.

Capture and Auto-Review Resumé/CV Files

1. Upload Resumé/CVs from any website.

2. Parse and store key candidate details, Salesbolt automatically searches and de-duplicates upon upload.

3. Resumé is now available for search & job matching on the ATS.

The #1 ATS Chrome Integration

Join thousands of Salesforce users

Recruiterbolt is the most widely used ATS-Chrome integration, favored by Salesforce’s most valued executive search firms and recruitment agencies.

“Recruiterbolt really helped us get more value from our ATS. By syncing candidate information directly from the web into our CRM, we now have a more robust and accurate data source.”

Daniel Lamb, Partner at Affinity Group

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