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Get set up with Recruiterbolt

No upfront fees, no time-consuming integrations, just install the Chrome extension and link it to your Salesforce - It couldn’t be easier.

A list of candidate details captured from a job board or website
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1. Install the Recruiterbolt Chrome extension

Click here to go to the Chrome store and install the Recruiterbolt extension.

Getting set up with Recruiterbolt

2. Connect Recruiterbolt to Salesforce

Click "Connect to Salesforce" and then log in via Salesforce using your standard Salesforce credentials.

Getting set up with Recruiterbolt - allow access

3. Click "Allow" to authorize the connection

You're so nearly set up. Below are a few steps for making your Recruiterbolt extension easily accessible and setting up your sidebar

Setting up your extension and sidebar

1. Pin the Recruiterbolt Extension to your Chrome Toolbar for easy access.

2. Recruiterbolt also has a dedicated sidebar mode. This is really handy if you are prospecting candidates and want to reduce the number of clicks or if you are jumping around tabs while editing or creating a record.

3. You’re all set up! Open up the Recruiterbolt Chrome extension and get familiar with the different fields and options.

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Capture candidate details from any website in Salesforce

Highlight the information you want to capture

Right click on the highlighted text and click “Search Salesforce for”.

Recruiterbolt will then search through your Salesforce/ATS to surface any matches and display them in the Sidebar where you can either ‘Create New’ or, ‘Edit and Update’ any existing records.

Save messages and create tasks in seconds

Highlight the message or any portion of text on any website. Right-click and hover over the "Recruiterbolt for Salesforce" menu.

Then select the "Create a Salesforce Task for your highlighted message text [your text]’ menu item, and you’re all done.

Recruiterbolt capturing a message from an email in Salesforce

Ready to see Recruiterbolt in action?

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