Flexible Pricing Structures that Align With Your Budget and Needs

All-in-one platform. All-in-one pricing.



Recruiterbolt's free forever plan with credits that reset each month. ⚡️

What's included
Recruiterbolt Chrome extension
Create contacts and accounts
Update contacts and accounts
Source email addresses


per user per month (max. 5 users)

Boost your productivity in Salesforce, and beyond. 🚀

What's included
Everything in Free
Create Salesforce tasks
Custom fields / field mapping
Volume based usage caps
Free trial available


Let's talk!

For larger teams + ATS Support for Recruiters. ✨

What's included
Everything in Free and Lite
Add notes, tasks and activities to your CRM
ATS features for staffing and recruitment
Upload and parse resumes
Source phone numbers
Unlimited usage