Flexible Pricing Structures that Align With Your Budget and Needs

All-in-one platform. All-in-one pricing.



Recruiterbolt's free forever plan with credits that reset each month. ⚡️

What's included
Recruiterbolt Chrome extension
Create contacts and accounts
Update contacts and accounts
Source email addresses
Maximum of 3 users


per user per month (max. 5 users)

Boost your productivity in Salesforce, and beyond. 🚀

What's included
Everything in Free
Create Salesforce tasks
Custom fields / field mapping
Volume based usage caps
Free trial available
Maximum of 5 users, billed annually


Let's talk!

For larger teams + ATS Support for Recruiters. ✨

What's included
Everything in Free and Lite
Add notes, tasks and activities to your CRM
ATS features for staffing and recruitment
Upload and parse resumes
Source phone numbers
Unlimited usage
Minimum of 5 users, billed annually.